High rise buildings in Lahore
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List of High Rise Buildings in Lahore

In Asia, Pakistan is one of the fastest-rising countries. We are honored to be rising speedily in every zone, could it be Information Technology, businesses, or Real Estate Improvement. Modern construction is flourishing out in the system of worth sighted plazas and shopping malls.

In Pakistan, Travel and Tourism are always all times at a high level. People are finding not only north areas and greenery but also go to see cities with high rise buildings and skyscrapers. In Pakistan, many skyscrapers are moving the height limits. There are a lot of buildings taking an improbable height that are already constructed or under construction. Karachi is a main big city with the tallest buildings in its locality shadowed by our capital, Islamabad. Lahore is in second place concerning the ownership of tall buildings.

Lahore is the heart of Pakistan. It is the second largest city and the capital of the Punjab province. It is extensively measured the country’s traditional capital. Walled and Inner City is the heart of Lahore that is a compactly occupied area of about one right-angled kilometer.

Lahore city also enhances the growth of Pakistan’s tourist trade. With main fascinations including the Walled City, the famed wazir khan and Badshahi mosques, several Sikh and Sufi shrines, 3 Jays Tower, other historical places, nature’s sights, and the beautiful tallest building or towers attract visitors to visit Lahore. In Lahore, there are so many tallest and famous buildings that make the most beautiful place for visitors. Here, we mentioned the 18 tallest buildings of Lahore:

Software Technology Park

Ahad Tower

3 Jays Tower

Eden Towers

Vouge Tower

MM Tower

Tricon Corporate Center

Gulberg City Center

Union Luxury Apartments

Kayre Interntional Hotel

Heritage Hotel

Boulevard Hotel

DHA Haly Tower

Rehman Tower

Kalma Heights

Al Qadir Heights

Eden Heights

Al-Hafeez Heights

Difference between Patio, Balcony, and Veranda
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Difference Between Patio, Balcony, and Veranda

Before describe the difference between Patio vs Balcony and Balcony vs Veranda. We will explain the short meaning of patio, Balcony and Veranda.

What is Patio?

A patio can be defined as an outside space where the citizens of the house can feel comfort, enjoying, and host guests that are frequently built in the back of the home. It is normally located nearby to the main structure. Even though patios are usually open to the sky.

Some owners choose to install an above shade for secrecy and safety from the sun. They are customarily arranged by using plants, outdoor illumination, fountains, and well-designed furniture.

What is Balcony?

Balconies are minor outdoor platforms attached to the high floors of the home or a luxury apartments building. They are typically joined to a particular room. The people can step outer for garden-fresh air without exit their home.

It is compulsory to verify that a house or building can have many balconies on each floor. Balconies are an exceptionally important place in buildings, as they permit the people to have an outside space for enjoying.

What is Veranda?

A veranda is a sheltered platform that is commonly surrounded by a boundary line on the ground level. It is attached to the main building from all sides that is used to entrance from front or back of the home. 

It is a big porch across the house that can be utilized for different outside events. Ideally, this space should be treated as an open-air room with a comfortable sofa, a well-made table, divans, droopy lights, and plants.


As mentioned above detail, we easily differentiate between them:

A patio is an open space placed at ground level. 

A balcony is a higher platform built at least one floor beyond the ground level.

A veranda is a covered structure located on the ground level of the house.

Best Property Investment in Lahore 2021
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Best Property Investment in Lahore 2021

Lahore is the capital of Punjab and 2nd largest city of Pakistan. Due to its high rate of professional production across all fields, Lahore is known as Pakistan’s educational capital. History, culture, and tradition are some of the qualities that make Lahore city so special. In terms of the economy of Punjab, Lahore contributes 19.5% with 11.5% at the national level. There are many investment opportunities for businesses, and lifestyle choices to be found within this city, attracting people from all over the country. Be calm while searching for a place to live or invest. A list of the 8 best housing societies in Lahore to invest in is shown below.

1. Lahore Smart City

Lahore smart city is the best choice for investment plans. It is a probable plan to appeal the all national and international visitors for investment, to give the best revenue in return. Its facilities and features make it unique for the fulfillment of your dreams. All the facilities are just like a dream that will offer you all peace, care, and environmental nature cover with luxury and a stylish environment.

Reasons to Invest in Lahore Smart City:

Everyone knows that Lahore is the most beautiful and facilitate city in the country. It is the heart of Pakistan. It has a number of fascinations, best living capabilities, luxury rooms, and a great lifestyle. People certainly desire to live in Lahore.

By Future Development Holding, it’s a project, which is well capable of proposal such an extremely reasonable and furnished housing scheme in Lahore. This is the first sustainable and eco-friendly project in the city of Lahore.

2. Gulberg City Center

Gulberg City Center is a modern construction. The beautiful and advanced place has a ration to offer you! The luxury rooms are fully prepared and facilitated for the citizens. The lavishing insides and comfortable regions are amazing for the citizens! They are hopeful in providing a high sort of housing areas for the citizens. This project is modifying that it has actually prepared with an up-to-date outlook and stylish maintenances.

Reason to Invest in Gulberg City Center:

There are many foundations for becoming a part of this project. The ideal provision is explaining many lavish reasons to invest for your future. It is located on the main Gulberg. This society has exclusive rooms and stylish apartments and has a huge land area for construction. Paying plans are perfect and appropriate for the clientele and also have a quick ownership option. The project of Gulberg City has a proportion of amenities and comfortable features for your future investment and living style!

3. Union Luxury Apartments

In Etihad Town Lahore, Union Luxury Apartments are a new development. It is a new project for getting payments too. In the heart of Lahore, these are luxury apartments. It delivers its people to live in amazingly. Union Luxury Apartments in Lahore has all the high-level facilities, great security that satisfies you as it’s entire.

Reason to Invest in Union Luxury Apartments:

A number of fascinations, luxury rooms, best living capabilities, and great lifestyle are the desires of a person to live a luxury life. People certainly desire to live in Lahore. If you have to save and want to invest that into Lahore assets, then buying Union Luxury Apartments is moderately recommended.

The property claim in the society is rather high, and it provides a good revenue return. So you can catch these apartments at promoting prices that are sensible. So this is the golden chance for you to purchase and invest in the project.

4. Century Venture

Century venture is the project that is the basis of care, devotion, and luxury for its citizens and savers both. It gives a precision of luxury housing scheme with modernization and best quality features. All the facilities of a luxury and stylish life are found here for both citizens and investors. This project is a part of Lahore that is able to offer its people an ideal living style.

Reasons to Invest in Century Venture:

Century Venture is a superfluity profitable project that is successfully established in the middle of Lahore. This project is guaranteed their investors of 11% of the rent yearly and also 50% in buyback with a capital advance after 5 years.

It is a global four-star chain of hotels and a five-star salon chain. This project planning is scrupulous with reasonable rates and highly features merging production it a final choice

5. Icon Valley

Everyone desires to get a comfy place for living the best lifestyle. Icon Valley Phase 2 has reliable features that control the level of luxury and other things to provide a great life ahead. It has an architectural skill offering values of facilities and services for both national and international investors. People can enjoy a wonderful, satisfied, and affordable living style. Icon Valley is one of the amazing residential projects for living a comfortable life.

Reasons to Invest in Icon Valley:

This is an incredible residential project that offers you numerous options of property to choose from. This makes sure that it has everything suiting everyone’s preference. Due to its great structures and facilities, everyone undertakes that it would be rather high on values. But the fact is different.

Icon Valley proposals villas and apartments at fairly realistic rates for both residents and investors. This project having a comfortable and peaceful home that will facilitate you with a family-friendly environment.

6. Canal View

Canal view farms are the deluxe project that provides you farm houses. This is the type of project that permits you to have all the comfortable things one can question for. It is contained with luxurious greenery in the land for the delivery of a comforting and attractive environment to its citizens. Its plan consuming most of the effective methods to make this community put together on a perfect layout.

Reason to invest in canal View:

Canal view farms provide you with attention-grabbing farm houses. You should devote yourself to the project. This styles it in a sign of superiority in the whole center. This farmhouse project is totally obedient to the high level of actual estate developments.

It is a safe and gated society for its residents. This project has also proper water and hygiene system. The whole road of the project is carpeted assembly everyone feels planetary comfortable.

7. 3 Jays Tower

By Go Petroleum and Sitara Heights, 3 Jays Tower is now another project in the city of Lahore. The state of the art organization of this project prominent its area with all the luxurious amenities it deals. In the heart of Gulberg, it is an attractive appeal because of its great increase in development.

Reason to Invest in Jays Tower:

Investing in 3 Jays Tower has is an astute choice you can decide. In actual fact, it will be an inordinate deal for durable improvements and for medium too. The other great point is that its yearly payment profit of the locality is value looking into. For investors, it’s a great opportunity to invest in this luxury city.

It guarantees to offer a 7% rental profit on commercial openings and 10% rental profit on all the apartments. It proposes to you a possible payment plan for four years. It is established to get developed allowing for all the necessities of worldwide values.

8. Ibn Hashim Homes

To recognize the desires of people, housing societies presented a payment system. This project fortified people to purchase property in installments plan. It developed an easy method for people. If they are not able to pay a great amount at one time. So it gives you the facility of installments. Installments bring many profits for entities for investing in housing societies.

Reason to Invest in Ibn Hashim Homes:

In Lahore, Ibne Hashim Homes provide house on installment. The high boundaries of profit have fortified housing societies to do this business. It also becomes suitable for persons to own assets without giving enormous money.

It provides the best Home selection, a protected and entirely developed Land, Stretchy installment plan. With 36 months installment plans you can get high-level assets for getting back the best revenue, also prove with a Liberal payment solution and Achievement guarantee.

Factors Contributing to the Creation of Smart Cities
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Factors Contributing to the Creation of Smart Cities

Many Different kinds of components of a smart city model include smart structure, transport, energy, health care, and expertise. These components are made the societies like as smart and efficient cities.

What is Smart City?

A smart city is a town area that customs different kinds of automated methods and devices to manage services and resources efficiently to provide a quality life his citizens.

In spirit, smart cities project use the expertise and material structures to digitally join a range of civic-related areas and Internet results, public transport, services, parks and reformation, city structures, etc. Initially, this information can be used to progress multiple features of life inside the public.

Smart Cities Architecture:

The progress of architecture for smart cities development has been rising for many years and carries on to move onward in spite of interruption from present public health and safety fears. Remarkably, however, while the smart city concept wonder assurances to convey more effective and technically progressive cities with more digital availability for all residents, there are static many who don’t rather know what a smart city is.

Smart City Technology:

Smart cities also use a variety of progressive technologies to provide solutions like Simulated Intelligence and the Internet, for example, to obtain, share and examine data. Related data can then be changed into valued visions that city executives can custom to make results that help the city work more professionally for its residents.

Critical Components in Smart City Creation:

In smart cities, we are probable to realize a number of movements in the next some years, including:

  • Enlarged actual-time checking of all kinds of data, from light stages to air value
  • Expertise to enhanced direct traffic and create transportation more effective
  • Developed unused organization systems
  • Public security and emergency facility skills
  • Better digitization of many community procedures
  • Attention on safety and privacy
  • Better acceptance of mobile and cellular results

But, the usage of technologies to improve these facilities and methods is not lacking its challenges.

Application experiments are frequently linked to attention and capability. Safety and privacy are of great unease as well. Distressingly, it is assessed that just about 20% of the digital strategies presently organized by community managements hold malware and ransomware.

While the experiments elaborate in designing a Lahore smart city are challenging, the profits can be remarkable. Elements include:

  • Improved citizen and government commitment that controls association tools, in-built websites, self-service entries, mobile uses, cooperating maps, government presentation dashboards and live flowing of public occasions.
  • A compact environmental footmark as an effect of creating better energy competence, checking air quality and structure upon renewable possessions.
  • Actual data-driven decision-making by community leaders who use real-time data to the reduction of risk and make better results for the city.
  • Improved digital justice by certifying that all municipal members have entrance to reasonable devices and internet connectivity.
  • Improved commercial development chances because of private sector concern in capitalizing in smart cities.
  • Improved substructure due to better checking and early interference to improve roads, water, and bridge structure.
  • More competent public values that decrease idle time and improve custom rates to keep city possessions.
  • Greater than before profits and lower prices for the city government.

By means of technology to recover a community is a moral mission that can change the daily actions of many citizens and recover their overall value of life. Its benefits planned above signify some of the best levels of aims for cities across the nation. But getting concise where they can access these welfares is no small task. For several city managements, it will be an extensive road with numerous tasks. Three key results are necessary before the plan and rollout of other experts can create:

Renewable, Resistant Power:

The capability to supply control and produce power are marvelous fears for many cities. Societies need reserve effective, self-sustaining districts with maintainable power supply. In order to attain this standard, natural possessions like wind, astral and unused power generation run into the objectives of development and enlargement, zoning, and other governmental group procedures.

Safe, Protected and Associated Residents:

Smart city society certifies that residents and their data keep on protecting. Safety remains a significant threat. To endorse financial activity and certify citizen security, societies essential smart data programmer between threat proof cameras, devices, building mechanization systems, fresh energy apparatus, the smart network, data organization systems that participate with local public security possessions.

Inclusive Communities:

The smart city model needs a structure that covers nearby underserved areas and public locations. Realizing all aims can recover the level of prosperity and average of living of all people. Advanced communities can acquire the best start, though applying the essential structure now, preparing their areas to recognize the benefits of becoming a smart city. The smart city ecosystem profits rather mean societies can more quickly begin making an important effect and improving the value of life for their residents.

real estate business in pakistan
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Under-Construction vs Existing Projects: What’s Ideal for Investment?

Buying a property is probably one of the biggest decisions most people make in their entire lives. It’s a huge milestone to achieve, but the entire process demands a lot of contemplation, research, patience, and time. While there are a lot of things one has to take into account while looking for a place to live, one of the primary concerns most buyers face is whether they should opt for a ready-to-move-in or under-construction property.

Of course, there are some pros and cons to both of these options. As is the case with everything else, one size doesn’t fit all. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to buying a property in an existing project as well as investing in new construction, but your final choice should depend on your own set of requirements and what works the best for you.

In this blog, we’ve outlined some of the most crucial factors property-buyers must consider before buying a house before it is built or investing in a ready-to-move-in flat.

Factors to Consider While Buying A Ready To Move In Or Under Construction Property

If you are stuck between buying under-construction property vs ready-to-move-in property, here are few things you need to take into account.

  • The difference in price
  • Risks of delay
  • Infrastructure and quality

Let’s discuss each of these points in detail.

The Difference in Price

buying a house before it is built
There is usually a significant price difference between the two types of properties

One of the biggest benefits of buying an under-construction property is that it won’t put as big a dent in your bank account as would a ready-to-move-in house or a flat in an existing project. Although the prices of properties vary largely with each housing scheme, their location, type, and even the builder, the truth is that ready-for-sale units tend to cost about 10 to 30 percent more than the ones that are still under construction. This is pretty much the same as buying a newly constructed house vs an old one.

On the flip side, the fact remains that you never know how much you’ll end up paying for an under-construction property in case the housing society increases its development rates. If the builder faces any major hiccups, the buyer may have to bear the brunt of unexpected costs related to the building process. However, it is important to point out that this is not a very common occurrence.

Risks Of Delay

investing in a ready-to-move-in flat
Buying a ready-to-move-in unit is perfect for those who want to move into their new home as soon as possible

Under construction properties that haven’t already been approved by concerned authorities may face long delays in completion and possession owing to multiple issues, such as zoning disputes, land-related litigations, new regulatory policies, awaiting authorization from relevant authorities, and the worse of all, developers abandoning the project due to lack of funds. The timeline of completion for such under-construction properties can be very uncertain.

On the other hand, investing in new projects that have been approved by the local authorities and have been registered with the Federal Board of Revenue under the Prime Minister’s Construction Relief Package can be rather promising for those looking to gain impressive capital gains.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about most of these problems when it comes to buying ready-to-move-in properties. Since the house or the apartment has already been constructed, all you need to do is make the payment and complete the registration/transfer process before moving into your new home.

Immediate possession is probably one of the top benefits of buying a ready-to-move property in an existing project.

Infrastructure and Quality

investing in an under-construction property
If you’re buying an under-construction house, be prepared for the end product to look different from what you’ve been expecting

With ready-to-move-in properties, you get what you see in terms of construction, layout, amenities, and facilities. However, when investing in an under-construction property, you may have to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario where the final product may look nothing like the sample unit or what had been drawn on the map. Of course, you can avoid this problem by investing in projects by reputable developers, regularly visiting the construction site, and keep an eye on the quality of materials being used.

You can also take a look at our detailed guide on how to check and measure the construction quality of a house for further clarification on the topic.

Who Should Consider Buying A Ready To Move In Property?

benefits of buying ready-to-move property
With ready-to-move-in flats and apartments, you get what you are paying for

As discussed above, the decision to buy a ready-to-move-in or under construction property depends largely on your personal preference.

For instance, if you are looking for a place to live on an urgent basis, buying a fully constructed unit is going to be your best option since waiting for the completion of an under-development project might take a very long time. Also, most under-construction properties are located in newly established housing schemes on the outskirts of the city. So, if you want to live somewhere close to the city center with a nice, well-established neighborhood, you will most likely have to opt for a ready-to-move-in apartment or a house.

Moreover, in ready-to-move-in properties, there is usually no risk of delays in possession. The construction, layout, and other infrastructural details of the house are also right there in front of you to inspect. You also don’t have to worry about any unexpected development charges and can even apply for a home loan to make the purchase.

But, you should also keep in mind the disadvantages of ready-to-move-in properties. These include inflated prices and lack of customization options.

Who Should Consider Buying An Under-Construction Property?

benefits of buying an under-construction property
There are quite a few benefits of buying an under-construction property

Compared to buying a ready-to-move-in house, buying an under-construction property is a great option for those looking to expand their real estate portfolio and earn a high return on investment.

Unless you are looking for accommodation on an immediate basis, investing in an under-construction property makes more sense since it is relatively less expensive and may allow you to customize the layout as per your personal preference. In addition to that, since such properties are mostly located in developing neighborhoods, the potential for value appreciation is significantly higher. For instance, those investing in highly affordable projects can expect a 6-7% annual rental yield as well as capital gains of up to 60% in the next two years.

Furthermore, most under-construction projects offer flexible payment and installment plans to facilitate buyers. In fact, it is usually considered one of the biggest pros of buying under-construction property.

So, which one of these options suits you the best? If you have any concerns or queries about buying a ready-to-move-in or under-construction property, send them our way by dropping an email at info@propertymarina.com. Meanwhile, if you are interested in investing in Lahore, make sure to fill the form appearing on the right-hand side of your desktop screen or at the bottom of your mobile page.

Real estate entrants can also take a look at our comprehensive glossary explaining the meaning behind common property terms used in Pakistan. Our beginner’s guide on buying a house for the first time may also answer some of your questions regarding the matter.

To learn more about the latest construction trends and property investment options, stay connected to Property Marina Blog – the best construction and real estate blog in Pakistan. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and Facebook page to keep up with the latest home décor, lifestyle, and property trends in the country.

Eye Of Lahore Minar e Pakistan
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Most Popular Areas to Buy Property in Lahore

With many ongoing infrastructure and real estate developments, Lahore has become one of the fastest-growing cities in Pakistan. After the launch of the Lahore Metrobus in recent years, the public transportation system of the metropolis has become more efficient than ever, facilitating thousands of commuters regularly.

The property market of the city is now mostly based on ultramodern real estate projects including state-of-the-art housing schemes and well-planned high-rise structures. Owing to the recent real estate investment shift from plot to high-rises, the trend of mixed-use developments in Lahore is also on the rise.

With so many options available, buying real estate in Pakistan’s second-largest city seems to be an overwhelming task. So, to help you to come up with an informed decision in this regard, here we have rounded up some of the most popular areas with property for sale in Lahore, as of March 2021.

Now, without further delay, let’s begin!

Most Popular Areas with Property for Sale in Lahore

Most Popular Areas with Property for Sale in Lahore
Top Areas to Buy Property in Lahore, as of March 2021

As per the user behavior recorded on Zameen.com, these are the most search localities among property hunters in Lahore, as of March 2021:

  • DHA Lahore
  • Bahria Town Lahore
  • Raiwind Road
  • Bahria Orchard
  • DHA Rahbar

DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is a posh locality
DHA is one of the poshest localities of Lahore

According to the data fetched from Zameen.com’s search trends, DHA Lahore has retained its position as the top area to buy property in Lahore with a noticeable margin for a long time now — and for a good reason. With world-class infrastructure and facilities, it is, in fact, the poshest neighborhood in the city. It offers a secure environment to its residents. The management of DHA has mobile security teams, which patrol the entire area on the lookout for criminal activities in the vicinity.

For easy navigation and a comprehensible division of properties, the real estate project has been divided into different phases, which are spread across the urban landscape of Lahore. Transportation is also not a big issue now for the residents of DHA Lahore, there are many bus stops at different locations around the neighborhood that connect it with the rest of the city. The locality is home to world-famous food chains as well as high-end markets.

Commercial areas in DHA Lahore are home to many popular business locations, which is why this real estate project is also among the top localities to buy an office in Lahore. Another major key attraction of DHA in this regard is its location, which makes it well-connected with all important roads in Lahore.

Phase 9 Prism and Phase 7 of DHA Lahore appeared to be the two most searched subdistricts of the real estate project. Both of these phases enjoy a convenient location as they fall in proximity to the Allama Iqbal International Airport as well as Lahore Ring Road.

As one of the city’s top residential projects, DHA Lahore offers all necessary facilities and amenities, which are among the most prominent factors you should consider before choosing a new neighborhood. It is home to the city’s top-notch educational institutions and healthcare facilities.

Also, there is no shortage of greenery in DHA as it has been planned with plenty of greenbelts and urban open spaces. If you want to learn more about the living facilities in DHA Lahore, read our detailed blog post on them.

Bahria Town Lahore

buy property in Bahria Town Lahore
The luxurious housing society of Bahria Town Lahore offers a wide range of investment options

When it comes to popularity, DHA Lahore is followed by Bahria Town, as per the search trends recorded on Zameen.com. Bahria Town is a real estate development company that has introduced the concept of ultramodern gated communities in Pakistan. Other than Lahore, Bahria Town has also been developed in the peripheries of Karachi and Islamabad.

Living in Bahria Town Lahore, you would be enjoying a fully-facilitated lifestyle. The neighborhood offers you all the perks of living in a gated community. Bahria Town Lahore not only features state-of-the-art infrastructure but also hosts many popular tourist attractions including a replica of the Eiffel Tower, which is one of the world’s most iconic structures.

The location of Bahria Town Lahore puts it in the suburbs of Lahore, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, it is linked with the main Canal Road, which makes commuting between the neighborhood and city center very convenient. Also, a bus service has jointly been introduced by the Lahore Transport Company (LTC) and the management of Bahria Town to facilitate commuters in the area.

Despite the availability of all these top-notch facilities, properties for sale in Bahria Town come with surprisingly affordable rates. This is also a prominent reason for the neighborhood to be among the top areas to buy property in Lahore. Since Bahria Town Lahore is planned as a “city within a city”, it has also been equipped with fully-featured commercial and business districts to cater to the needs of its residents.

As per the user behavior on Zameen.com, Sector F and Sector C are the two most popular localities for property investment in Bahria Town Lahore. The Commercial Zone of Sector C is considered a business hotspot. Linked with Bahria Town’s main boulevard, it is home to many key corporate establishments and shopping centers in the area. Key landmarks like Bahria Country Club and Grand Jamia Masjid are also found in the vicinity.

The gated community offers well-reviewed educational and medical facilities within its boundary wall, allowing the residents to avoid the hassle of long-distance travel. To learn about every key detail of this well-planned neighborhood, read our details area guide on Bahria Town Lahore.

Raiwind Road

real estate investment on Raiwind Road Lahore
Upcoming real estate developments on Raiwind Road is one of the main reasons behind its popularity

Another interesting thing that we have noticed while accumulating the data for search trends on Zameen.com is the consistent popularity of Raiwind Road. It has also started maintaining its position among the top areas with property for sale in Lahore in recent times. One thing that we are sure about is that Raiwind Road has now become a hub of new real estate development.

The reason behind its increasing popularity is its well-connected location and availability of vacant land for development in its surrounding. Real estate projects like Al Kabir Town and Icon Valley Phase 2 are also being developed in this vicinity of this very important artery in Lahore.

Since the vicinity of Raiwind Road covers a very large area, the entire neighborhoods of Bahria Orchard and DHA Rahbar fall in its vicinity. As per Zameen.com’s search trends, they both are not only the most popular areas with property for sale in Lahore but also the top two developments taking place near Raiwind Road.

Located in the suburbs of Lahore, Raiwind Road offers a peaceful environment and connects some of the major housing societies in the city. All such features of this very famous expressway have drawn the attention of many renowned real estate developers and stakeholders. Property projects like Lake City are also being developed in this newly emerging part of the city. For more information on these real estate investment opportunities near Raiwind Road, read this blog.

Bahria Orchard

Bahria Orchard, Lahore road view
Bahria Orchard is a low-cost housing project of Bahria Town Lahore (Credits: Official website of Bahria Orchard)

As the name suggests, Bahria Orchard is a newly-developed gated community planned with plenty of green spaces and a wide array of fruit-bearing trees. The master-planned residential projects sit on the edge of Raiwind Road. This housing scheme of Bahria Town has been mainly developed to address the needs of the low-cost housing sector in the city.

Despite low property prices, this real estate development has been packed with all modern-day facilities. Bahria Orchard enjoys peaceful surroundings with ample family attractions. Like Bahria Town Lahore, this residential community also has well-maintained urban open spaces including a mini-golf course. This large-scale project has been divided into different phases with both commercial and residential blocks.

Phase 1 and 2 are the most developed and popular subdistricts of Bahria Orchard. Some of the major landmarks and facilities in Bahria Orchard are found at a stone’s throw distance from these localities.

Bahria International Hospital is a state-of-the-art healthcare institution found in the area. Also, Bahria Orchard Family Park is another major family attraction nearby. The very famous Jahaz Chowk park is also in the vicinity of these subdistricts of Bahria Orchard. Commuters in Bahria Orchard also enjoy easy access to some of the key bus stops due to the neighborhood’s proximity to Raiwind Road.

DHA Rahbar

DHA Rahbar is a highly popular neighbourhood in Lahore
DHA Rahbar is an aesthetically planned neighborhood in Lahore

Located on main Defence Road, DHA Rahbar is another meticulously planned housing community in the city. In light of the data fetched from Zameen.com’s search trends, it is one of the five most popular areas with property for sale in Lahore.

Although DHA Rahbar is owned and maintained by the management of DHA Lahore it is not directly connected to the other phases of the neighborhood. However, DHA Rahbar is surrounded by other very popular housing projects in the city including Valencia Housing Society, Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase-II, and Lake City.

Since it is a well-planned real estate project, DHA Rahbar has been divided into subdistricts, which are also termed “phases”. Phase 2 and 4 are the two most famous areas for property investment in DHA Rahbar. It is important to note here that Phase 4 is among the newest developments in the locality, which is still under construction.

The location of DHA Rahbar plays a key role in terms of its popularity. While living in this neighborhood of the city, you’ll be just a few minute’s drive away from many popular commercial markets and business districts in the area including Valencia D Block Market and the very famous Jinnah Market of Lahore.

The availability of the Daewoo bus service that connects different areas of the city with DHA greatly adds to the convenience of the commuters in DHA Rahbar. Plus, there is no shortage of well-equipped educational and healthcare facilities in the vicinity of this extremely popular residential community in Lahore.

Now that we have listed and discussed the best areas with property for sale in Lahore, as of March 2021, it’s time for us to wrap up. We hope the information we have provided you in this piece will help you to expedite your property hunt in the City of Gardens.

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On a side note, if you are seeking budget-friendly investment options in the metropolis, you should check out our listings for low-priced houses for sale in Lahore. As a property investor, you may also like reading our detailed pieces on top areas to buy property in Karachi and Islamabad, as of March 2021.

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Bahria Town eiffel tower
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The Most Sought-after Areas to Set Up an Office in Lahore

Home to state-of-the-art infrastructure and real estate developments, the city of Lahore is based on a rapidly evolving metropolitan area. The second-largest city of Pakistan hosts some of the most prominent business centers and industrial areas in the region. Lahore’s rich history and cultural traditions are so popular in the world of tourism that it has recently been featured in the NY Times’ list “52 Places to Love in 2021”.

Since Lahore has now become an internationally acclaimed tourist destination, travelers from all over the world visit it regularly to experience its liveliness and take an up-close look at the city’s majestic historical landmarks. The increase in tourism activities in recent years has significantly boosted retail foot traffic in the metropolis, uplifting the prominence of its urban centers.

So, if you are also planning to own a corporate space in Lahore, but don’t know about popular business locations in the city, then we’re here to help. In this post, we’ve handpicked some of the top areas to look for an office for sale in Lahore.

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Top Business Centres to Look For an Office for Sale in Lahore

Now, we’ll list down and discuss some of the top localities to buy an office in Lahore.

  • Gulberg
  • Bahria Town Lahore
  • Bahria Orchard
  • Raiwind Road
  • DHA Lahore